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Raiffeisen bank

Today is Thursday, 30 March 2017
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Service of currency conversions
Service of foreign-currency payments
Services of instant Card to Card transfer and online payments
Exchange rates of ruble to foreign currencies for the FX service at present.
Currency codeUnitsCurrencyWe buyWe sell
USD 1 US Dollar 55.3400 57.3100
EUR 1 Euro 59.4300 61.5500
AUD 1 Australian Dollar 42.4000 43.9200
GBP 1 British Pound 68.7100 71.1800
DKK 1 Danish Krone 7.9900 8.2700
CAD 1 Canadian Dollar 41.4900 42.9900
NOK 1 Norwegian Kroner 6.4900 6.7200
SEK 1 Swedish Krona 6.2200 6.4400
CHF 1 Swiss Franc 55.5300 57.5400
JPY 1 Japanese Yen 0.4981 0.5161
Currency code EUR
Sell 1.0860 USD
Buy 1.0620 USD
Currency calculator for the FX service
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The rate that you see is available only in R-Connect
Dear clients, the Bank reserves the right to alter the exchange rates in the Raiffeisen Connect system up to several times a day.
Your FX order will be processed with the exchange rate which was shown in the system at the moment of signing the order.
These exchange rates are applicable to internal banking conversion transfers carried out through the Raiffeisen Connect system between a holder's accounts only (i.e. from customer's account in USD to customer's account in EUR within the bank).
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